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My name is Jean-Dominique Nguele and this is a place where I share my thoughts, whether it is IT related or not.


AWS Solutions Architect Associate in 10 days

On August 20th after a chat with my lead, I decided to practice to take on the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. I spent the rest of the afternoon discussing with some colleagues and looking up resources to get started….

Domain name migration without losing SEO

How did that even come up? I originally started writing another post last week but in the meantime I did a domain name migration. What is a domain name migration you will ask? It is the act of migrating content…

Serverless’ latest release breaking Babel polyfill?

Here, get some context Hey everyone, let me tell you about Serverless‘ latest release. You must be thinking “Three posts in ten days after three months absence what got into you JD?”. Nothing particular, well now that I go exercise…

System Tutorials

How to install the CLI Amazon tools on a Mac

2019 update, there now is a guide to install the AWS CLI tools on Mac. It’s probably been there for a while but still after I published this. Recently I had to connect to an amazon EC2 instance using SSH…