25 years and counting stars

I turned 25 last Saturday and when I look at my life it doesn’t look so bad. Partying every week, a great girlfriend, awesome friends, a cool job. Oh yeah, also a massive boat party with family and friends cruising on the Thames followed by a privatised bar party. What can I ask more ? Be a better engineer, still learning ways that will set me to make a difference for people and bringing value even from things they didn’t know they needed. So I’m just gonna keep going as I always have, moving forward, learning, demon speeding on the knowledge highway. Now I am not busy with organising my birthday anymore I can get more time on personal projects and I have a few in mind right now.

The project Islandwood seems drew my attention a few weeks ago, it could be where I will be heading but I have so many ideas all the time that it can have changed by lunchtime. Once it’s picked I will just go at it like crazy. I could also write a few tutorials as it’s been a while and there is so much I can share it’s been 6 years already I have been doing IT in a professional context now. That’s pretty dope and feel lucky to do what I like for a living, it almost doesn’t feel like working at all.


Thanks a lot guys for all your texts, calls, pigeons and especially coming last night. I was so busy enjoying all of you that I didn't take any picture, only recorded this video. That was fuckin amazing. Hearts for all of you. Thanks to all of you I had a very happy birthday. Till next time 😉 #BirthdayOfMe #BoatParty #Popopo

Posted by Jean-Dominique Nguélé on Sunday, February 21, 2016

Slack is fucking amazing !

I don’t know if it’s the fact that after becoming TechHub fussball champion a couple weeks ago or me conquering the Breakfast club pancakes challenge yesterday but I feel like Slack is the best thing ever for all the startups out there.

I was having some code compiling when I decided to get a go at Slack that people told me about and I did not see anything great in there. TechHub members have access to a common slack to get all the latest updates about TechHub and what happens in its community, but I never saw it as more than another social network. Creating a Slack account for Lodgeo was the first of several steps that now get me to think it is a must have for a startup.

Why, you will ask ? First of all, for small teams it is completely free. Then from 10 users on the cost is not that big considering all you can do with it (illimited integrations). Yes, Slack allows integrating with tons of tools that are for most free of use or with low costs for smaller teams. At the moment I integrated some dev oriented components such as Github or Jira to have easy-to-access heads up for any projects you want to keep an eye on, along with marketing oriented components like Intercom. For those who do not know those names well, Google is your best ally. You can even create your own Slack integration, I will look into those possibilities that seem infinite later.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 17.41.57
Slack homepage

I cannot convince you to use Slack for your company with words as I wasn’t when I was told about it, but if you are that’s great. You should just go and have a look by yourself, even if you don’t have a startup you can just have a look and feel that fire inside you. Ok it may be the pancakes talking here.

Finally Lodgeo V2 is coming to the Apple store


phone3Yes. Finally. Lodgeo V2 is coming. This is not advertisement but after months of developing that almost new product and literally tons of testing we will finally publish that major Lodgeo release that I have been mentioning in previous posts. For months and months and months we have been balancing between adding the freshness of a new user experience and maintaining the solidity that we had in the past to get an application that is both edgy and robust. Now it has been accomplished even though still perfectible, we will aim at bringing more sexy features very soon.

I cannot discuss those incoming features but good things are definitely coming and the Lodgegoers are already working on those. Here is a little video to get you waiting until the release.


Standing united against the madness

Hi everyone,

Today post is a bit special, the past 48 hours were quite crazy. Terrible things happened, but some good came out of it. Terror stroke my home, Paris on a friday the 13th that never was so meaningful. A handful of people tried to bear us down by targeting places where any of us can be anytime. Places where we eat, places where we drink, places where can be together enjoying music or a football game, basically places where we live and have fun. They tried to kill the fun. They failed.

People did try to stop us from organising that vigil, but accepting it would have been a victory for those monsters. Last night we were all standing together, united and proud at Trafalgar square to show that we are not afraid. We, human beings are still here, we are not going anywhere. We will not bow to terror.

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape our sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware our power, beware our light!!!

CTRLio : Tech around me premiere

Hi all,

It’s been a while I did not post here and I was pretty busy at Lodgeo to bring you a major update that will come within the next weeks, but today is not about my company but about something new I want to try. I’m creating this “Tech around me” category as there is a lot of tech oriented activities and startup around me that are not necessarily in the spotlight yet so I decided I would do sometimes a post about things that I saw and tested near to me.

This post is about CTRLio, a webapp that enables you to get the lowest rates on the market for your phone contract based on your current consumption. You can either use their interface to sign in your mobile provider account and get your actual consumption or you can enter estimations so their tool gets you the plan that fits you the best.

The user experience is straightforward you instantly know where to click and within a few seconds you get to know a cheaper plan. Another interesting feature is that you can also get reminders for when your plan will expire so you can fully enjoy this experience. You can find out more on their website: https://ctrlio.com .ctrlio1