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Cheatsheet of Epicness: JD’s incomplete collection

August 2018. Despite that I have been writing software for the past ten years, I never put together any sort of cheatsheet. At least not online nor in one place. A place where I would list tidbits of commands or tools I always end up needing. Now it’s mostly some text files across computers I owned through space and time. I will not bother looking for most these snippets so I will build from scratch. This is going to be for you as much as for me. Let’s say mostly for me but it happens to be online so you can enjoy it too. This will end up pretty diffuse but I will try to keep it clean and clear. It should revolve around development but could wander around other topics. This is my collection, therefore, I shall so I will do with it as I please.

jd cheatsheet of epicness

Sources of knowledge


Command-line cheatsheet collection

The end?

Well for now yep, it’s an incomplete collection so it’s meant to grow or to have missing stuff. Enjoy what you have for that you may not have had it.

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