Set tint color on an image in a NSAttributedString

(2018-08-23 EDIT) Updated the post and re-created the code from almost scratch using XCode 10.0 beta 6 and iOS 12. Code written using Swift 4. (/EDIT).


Hi everyone, I have been working, for a few days now, on a project that requires to make an app fully customisable from a configuration file. I was coding and coding and coding, extracting color definitions, applying tints on images, when I ran into an issue. I could not apply tint over a mutable attributed string, nor simple attributed string for that matter. So I was there, looking at my NSAttributedString and my NSTextAttachment without any property allowing me to change only the image color.

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Manipulate HTML entities in Java


Since my previous website is not available anymore, here is an article I wrote a few months ago about manipulating html entities in Java. I wrote this while working on some webserver providing a newsfeed for League of Legends. So, while i was working on this app I found myself facing those html entities that cannot be processed using the JRE.

So after a couple of hours of binging (Yes I happen to use Bing, deal with it Tongue out), I finally found something, an opensource code providing the HTMLEntities class. A class that allows to manipulate HTML entities in many more ways that i could imagine, and that is really something that helps gaining time when working on complex problematics.

You can find this class here . And do not forget, the good developer is the lazy developer.