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The Advent of Code 2022 is coming tomorrow

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Hey everyone. Some of you might have forgotten, just like I did that there is much to rejoice for this year. The World Cup 2022 is underway and the Christmas season is upon us. A lot to look forward to including France facing this Sunday in their round of 16 in Doha. Within the next few weeks I will get to spend Christmas with family, gather with friends and most importantly, start the Advent of Code 2022 edition.

Last year I was nowhere near ready to start. That was until a colleague mentioned that he used to take part in this at his previous job. The reminder prompted me to create a template which is a copy of last year’s project where I used Java. For the first time since I started joining this event, I will re-use a language I used in a past edition.

Unfortunately, last year I failed to complete all 25 days and dropped after day 21 as before jumping the Eurostar to Paris on the 22nd. However, I did so after committing my code and cruise log entry for that day.

I remember also that I used to wake up at 5 am to workout a couple years back when the challenge used to drop at 6 am GMT. But since last year, the challenge got a little harder since you now the challenge drops at 5 am. As a result, so you need to wake up even earlier to attempt getting one of the speed records.

Since 2020, I committed myself to publishing a blog entry for each day. After completing the daily puzzle which I then shared on Twitter. 2021 was a Minds exclusive but this year I will return these to both both on Twitter and Minds.

advent of code 2020 flashback prepping for the advent of code 2021
The 50 stars I collected during the Advent of Code 2020

This year I will try and reach 50 stars once more for this Advent of Code 2022. Sure the World Cup will keep me busy alongside socials but I can make it work. Well, so long as I can solve the puzzles in a flash.

Don’t hesitate to check out my Advent of Code 2022 repository at

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