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The Advent of Code 2021 Day 2 log, sneaky release

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Hello everyone, it’s time for your Advent of Code 2021 Day 2 cruising log. Yeehaw!

After a slow start today it looks like my body decided to wake me up at 5 am. Maybe it was my instincts telling me I needed to wake up earlier. Since the challenges don’t drop until 6 am, I figured I would browse Twitter and Minds a bit to pass the time. Since I’m on my rest day, today’s workout is about thirty minutes of light bodyweight exercises. Nobody wants to get out of bed too early.

Then 5.30 am rings my alarm, I stretch, grab my litre-sized glass of water and head to my office/gym to start working out. Before doing so, I decided to check some messages and set up my code for this day 2. The setup is pretty much copy/pasting my day 1 structure. Oh, and updating my main method to call the day 2 code. Then for good measure, since my workout should last about thirty minutes, I open the window so that I can see when the challenge drops. And it already did!

As it turns out, the challenge dropped at 5 am, probably a change of time so that the Yankees can have a stab at the challenge before going to bed. Not great for us European coders but it’ll be fine. I’m not in for the top spots this year but wouldn’t mind grabbing one on the latter days. On a global scale of course.

The challenge itself wasn’t crazy challenging, I wrote the most throw-away code I’ll ever throw away. I thought I should probably clean it up before pushing it to GitHub but won’t. Still got a workout to do and this post to publish. Beyonce may have the same number of hours as I do but she sure doesn’t spend time cleaning up the code she wrote for free. It might be worth it in later days as we get towards a recurring pattern but today is not that day.

Thank you for reading my Advent of Code 2021 Day 2 log, I will see you tomorrow. As usual, I will push the code to my repo for this year on Github. Feel free to check out my Day 1 log right here.

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