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The Advent of Code 2020 Day 1 log, crashed and burned

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Hello everyone, this year I will try to keep a cruise log for this year’s event. Welcome to my Advent of Code 2020 Day 1 entry. It is my second year taking part in this and my weapon of choice this time around is Golang. While it makes for further learning of that language, this will also help me deal with trickier algorithms than the basic API.

I woke up at 4.20, in a night dark and full of terrors. While I woke earlier than my 4.45 alarm the early rise revealed itself as a blessing in disguise. As it turns out, I forgot to prepare for this year’s edition. Did the same mistake last year. However, considering how much time I had prior to the 5 am launch, I used that to get ready. New language, new project structure, I ended up doing quick work of it. I created a new repository for this year, initialised my Golang module and used last’s year day 1 as a dry run.

A walk in a park, or so I thought, as the site went down on startup. Looks like the advent of code became quite the attraction for developers around the world.

A few minutes later the creator resolved with the root cause jokingly determined as 2020. All things considered, this is fair enough. Went for a brute-force solution because this is day 1 and it all went swimmingly as I retrieved my first two stars of the season. Chances are after day 3-4 I won’t be able to get away with that sort of murder.

Unfortunately that wasn’t nearly fast enough to make it to the top 100 today.

advent of code 2020 day 1 times

We’ll get to try again tomorrow. Hopefully, there won’t be any outage, and now that my project is fully setup one can only hope.

Thank you for reading my Advent of Code 2020 Day 1 cruise log, I will see you tomorrow, maybe. In the meantime, you can check out my Go Cloud series about building and deploying a Golang app to AWS. Also, I will push my code on Github at CodingNagger/advent-of-code-2020 so feel free to check it out but not before you’ve done the challenge yourself. Bye!

Photo by Connor Danylenko from Pexels

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