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All rise! Time for my Septober 2020 Twitter poetry

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As you may know, if you have been following me on Twitter, I started being properly active mid-June 2020. Surprisingly, that move leads to me posting more tweets and some of them are improvised little poems. I thought it would be a shame to lose them and decided to compile them together every month so that I can read them once in a while. Unfortunately, I forgot to post the September edition but the good news is that we have an October mashup, it’s 11:11 11/11, welcome to my improvised Septober 2020 Twitter poetry.

Fittingly enough the first entry is quite late through the month, about how late I was when publishing the August edition.

Next is about the virtue of working hard rather than complaining. Complaining is cheap, working pays dues and holidays.

Okay I don’t know if that one counts but I’ll but it anyways because it’s my blog and I do what I want. What are you gonna do, not read?

This one definitely came from spending too much time on Twitter with a timeline full of people posturing that they care when they don’t.

I’m not veganophobe, I have vegan friends, but…


October finally, it’s about time.

This is London.

Following my viewing of “The devil all the time” on Netflix I had a phase posting a lot of delusions gifs. Now that I see this I feel like I should do that again.

What can I say, I like working. Working hard allows you to test yourself, it builds character, creates the fold for poetry.

Surprisingly, you will need to figure that one out for yourself.

Finally, the Halloween finale.

Thank you for checking my improvised Septober 2020 Twitter poetry. Don’t hesitate to follow me on Twitter to seize them as they are fresh off my mind. Not that It will surprise you but I don’t just write poems there. Sometimes I tweet about around tech and also life in general. There will definitely more frequent updates there than here as I can just improvise tweets which is much harder to do with blog posts like the last one. See you next time!

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

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