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My improvised July 2020 Twitter poetry

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As you may know, if you have been following me on Twitter, I started being properly active mid-June 2020. Surprisingly, that move leads to me posting more tweets and some of them are improvised little poems. I thought it would be a shame to lose them and decided to compile them together every month so that I can read them once in a while. Welcome to my improvised July 2020 Twitter poetry.

Two days into the month, this one refers to how the Black Lives Matter organisation started losing support. As you may now know, that happened after more people and companies that quickly drew out statements supporting them realized that it wasn’t what it seemed. The funny thing is that they never hid, all it took one to figure it out was to check the official website.

Yet another post workout poem, I guess pain truly brings reflection and inspiration.

While eating delicious Venison meat, memories of the JRE inspired me:

Some more workout inspired verses.

Even narrow-minded people interacting with me can be inspiring, who would have thought?

Reminiscing nights out of the pre-lockdown now replaced with gaming nights which still have their fun.

After two weeks without much tweeting poetry, singing along Celine Dion through my post shower workout two days in a row inspired some verses.

Thank you for checking my improvised July 2020 Twitter poetry. Don’t hesitate to follow me on Twitter to seize them as they are fresh off my mind. Not that It will surprise you but I don’t just write poems there. Sometimes I tweet about around tech and also life in general. There will definitely more frequent updates there than here as I can just improvise tweets which is much harder to do with blog posts. See you next time!

Cover picture by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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