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My improvised June 2020 Twitter poetry

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As you may know if you have been following me on Twitter, I started being properly active mid-June 2020. Surprisingly, that move lead to me posting more tweets and some of them are improvised little poems. I thought it would be a shame to lose them and decided to compile them together every month so that I can read them once in a while. Welcome to my improvised June 2020 Twitter poetry.

The first entry was post workout and kinda self explanatory.

In case you are a time traveller reading this now or that this blog survived to the year 2120, this is a reference to how the current pandemic got us to stay home. As a result, days mixed and fused in unexpected ways.

Another workout inspired one but more emphasis on working from home.

Last but not least, this one rhymes with a previous entry just like Star Wars movies.

Thank you for checking my improvised June 2020 Twitter poetry. Don’t hesitate to follow me on Twitter to seize them as they are fresh off my mind. Not that It will surprise you but I don’t just write poems there. Sometimes I tweet about around tech and also life in general. There will definitely more frequent updates there than here as I can just improvise tweets which is much harder to do with blog posts. See you next time!

Cover picture by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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