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Worst workplace behaviour, first Nagger in Reddit

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Hello to Nagger in Reddit, it’s like LWIAY but for devs and not with its own group. Nine months ago I asked you: What is the worst workplace behaviour you observed while helping someone at work? And the replies were quite interesting. First, I had to deal with trolls that instantly downvoted my post. Not only that but their comments clearly reflected they did not bother reading the question. Let alone the description that expends it. After making them realised they removed their comments while the community shared some experiences. Let’s jump into it!

The overseas Russian doll switcharoo


That one doesn’t count that much but I found it interesting enough to share here. I find insane that this contractor did not even bother checking commit history. Commit history that ends up being his downfall, ModeratePal definitely did the right thing by bringing this up to his manager. When you hire someone you don’t want to pay for an overseas developer’s work. First, it’s unfair for that overseas guy but the hiree is paid for doing nothing. Also, if that overseas dev is good, bring him in not the fraud paying him.

Overwatch, underwhelming code


That Overwatch guy feeds the engine that makes it harder for people to work from home. Yet the story is about him in an office. If that’s the face he shows while pair programming I can’t imagine what he does when out of sight. That’s exactly what any manager, well person for that matter would think. And they would be right to worry considering the poor result he yields.

Another thing that grinds my gears here is the blame on not having time to finish work while watching streams. Even though there could be a genuine time issue he makes things harder for himself and his colleagues. How can you go and complain to a manager you don’t have enough time to work after a coworker gets sacked for watching streams? You can’t, or not before a replacement comes in and undeniably struggles time for stories.

Wrapping up

Thanks for reading this first of Nagger in Reddit. Hopefully, you enjoyed it and will share it with your friends and family. If you want to read the other replies feel free to have a look. If you want to read some guidance to build a helpful workplace by providing helpful code reviews check out this post.

Did you enjoy reading about others’ worst workplace behaviour witnessed? What should I tackle next? Let me know if you want more, tweet at me, intervene when I post on Reddit and so on. See you next time!

Cover by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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