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My COVID-19 top 10 podcasts to bring you strength

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COVID-19 top 10 podcasts SEO friendly intro title because I can

Yes I know, it’s been a long time without a technical post and for some reason, I get a much bigger audience when not writing technical stuff. Even though this blog name literally is Coding Nagger writing technical posts doesn’t bring much readership. At most, they will copy and paste my experimental code in their production software. Meanwhile, they will be praying that I didn’t do the same for my post. Well, if they care. Today I will give you my COVID-19 top 10 podcasts that bring a smile to my face. Laughter can be a powerful weapon, especially in these times. Weirdly enough, there is a large proportion of these that feature Bert “The Machine” Kreischer, read in there what you like. Note that there is no particular order as I enjoy these to the same extent for different reasons.

These will definitely not be for everyone, you will know when you listen. Don’t @ me. Also, all the links are at the end of the post.

The Joe Rogan Experience

When you say podcast, most people hearing English will mention Joe Rogan. Personally, I listened to my first episode when he invited Jordan Peterson back in November 2018. The Joe Rogan Experience is an interesting beast. From an episode to the next you have no idea what to expect. You can have some songs played, people talking about serious topics like virology, especially now with COVID-19. Next, you will be listening to a four-hour episode of Joe getting high with some musicians. Both are great but there is much more that I can’t explore in a blog post. A bonus is that there are probably enough episodes to fill a 6-month long isolation period. Why does the list continue? Because I said top 10 and also I got more to show appreciation for.

The H3 Podcast

This one does have a special place for me despite what you could see as a clumsy or even cringy at times. That one was created by the Content creation freedom fighters Ethan & Hila Klein that I first started following through their h3h3production videos on YouTube. When they switched to the podcast format I wasn’t sure what to think. Since I still enjoy watching their content I guess it’s fine. Plus they got me to discover a bunch of comics I never heard before like Bill Burr, Bert Kreischer, and Tom Segura. Probably without this podcast, I would have never discovered half of this list.

After Foot RMC

Alright, most of you won’t be able to follow this one unless you learn French. This might be the podcast I listened for the longest time. It is technically a radio show, that I listened for the first time back when I was 15 I think. It’s about football, the real one, the one with a round ball. Some of the original hosts still talk football there which is great. Despite what’s going on now they still have loads of topics to discuss from what can happen next or legendary players.

2 Bears, 1 Cave

I feel like you need to experience this one for yourself. You deserve the surprise to figure by yourself what this one is about and who features in it.

People + Drink = Words

The shameless plug is shameless. I host this podcast and it is not technical, yes like this post and the one before it, stop moaning. Aside from my experimenting solo on episode 2, each episode features a different guest and we just have some drink sand chat for a bit. Sometimes a bit is 45 minutes, sometimes it’s 4 hours. That ought to fill some of that social distancing time no? I might release one more episode in the near future, potentially for the last time before life (hopefully soon) returns to normal. Check out the women’s day episode 9 that came out last week!

PDW Women’s day episode

The Bertcast

If you follow it on Apple Podcasts, you will find that the Bertcast feed graces you with not one but two different shows. The Bertcast, on one hand, is Bert Kreischer with a guest or two just talking shit and chatting about life. On the other hand, you get Something’s burning Uncut, which apparently has a cut Youtube version where the same Bert hangs out with some guests while cooking questionable meals. Both equally enjoyable.

Ladybug Podcast

The one I include for diversity because this is the only podcast with a female host. Actually, hosts, you get four of them, now that’s what I call compensating for something. Jokes aside, this is a technical podcast I quite enjoy listening to. You won’t learn to code here but some of the stories or conversations will definitely resonate with you as a tech person.

The Bill Bert Podcast

Burr and Kreischer at it for better or worse, just another conversational podcast with two comics. They’re just hanging out with drinks and cigars, need I say more? Maybe, but I’ll just let your imagination work. If that’s not enough just go have a listen and see what happens.


The only one-man podcast on this list. This is one if you want to listen to the youngest man alive, Chris D’Elia joke, ramble and rant for about an hour about all and nothing. Sometimes a whole bunch of nothing but still entertaining and providing some perspective. The one that reminds you that life rips.


This is for the gamers, the latest episode came out back in September but I truly hope for a comeback. I really enjoyed listening to Nick and Az share about their game of the week and giving me ideas of what I can play next. Feel free to go and pick some gaming inspiration in that time of isolation.

Since we’re talking about gaming, I’m gonna sneak in those controllers I got for my girlfriend & I a few months ago that will definitely help us get through this.

This concludes my COVID-19 top 10 podcasts

I finished sharing what I will be listening to for the next few months. Since I have been listening to these for months, even years, it could be seen as cheating. But it doesn’t matter, does it? Maybe one of these will be a great find for you to share with your friends and relatives. Maybe, just maybe sharing one of these “COVID-19 top 10 podcasts” entry will bring you closer together. If so then it’s all worth it. Then I didn’t waste my time putting this list together.

All the podcasts can be found on Apple Podcasts sure. Just in case you can’t use Apple Podcasts, enjoy the links:

If you are more of a reader, then you can still check out my 2020 posts here. Actually you can go further from there. Cheers!

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