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My website is dead, F in the chat

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Hello, hello. New year, new website kill. The website that used to be at is no more. Well, not exactly but if you go at that address you will not see what you have in this post cover anymore. No more of that way too simple to be good website.

I remember that I bought the domain back in 2014 when I started this blog. Yep, that was the original domain I used for blogging. Later on, I separated the blog into two entities. From then, I used the main domain to show highlighted skills and an excerpt about myself. As for the blog, it moved to its own subdomain on

A few years later, I think mid-2018, after I had a few posts gaining more attention, I realized I could get a few Adsense coffees if I set it up. However, a subdomain would not qualify because, reasons. That is when I got to figure out a new domain name I could use. Lucky for me I was also looking to update my online presence username and CodingNagger was born. The biggest challenge was to maintain my blog SEO while migrating my content.

Since that last split, I haven’t maintained that me landing page one bit. While I considered removing it several times I never quite had the heart to do it. But I feel like now is the time. If I won’t spend any more time on it is it even worth existing at all? Companies sunset products they don’t want to maintain all the time. Microsoft will do it with Windows 7 in about ten days. They want to focus their time on maintaining their more relevant products which are the more recent ones. They want to reduce the surface of attack on their operating systems my rendering previous iterations obsolete as well.

My more relevant “products” at the moment are the blog and the podcast. Since I also want to reduce the surface of intrusions and take more time to take care of myself deleting the landing page felt like the smart thing to do. However, I won’t lose all that good SEO built over the past five and some years. Going to will land you right here, on the blog, where it all started. Closing the loop in an almost poetic way.

iamnguele final htaccess’s final order

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