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Coming home, a poem about travel

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If you follow me on Instagram you may know I got published in my company’s Spotlight a couple of weeks ago. I was to write a piece to express stuff I enjoy outside of work. As I started writing it, I realised it would be better to write the piece as a poem. Both to show my appreciation to the genre and tell a story that felt better that way. Funnily enough, I discovered it was the first time someone ever wrote a poem published for Spotlight. I enjoyed writing it and figured I should share it as it has been a while I haven’t published any poetry here. Plus it felt more than appropriate to share it today as my girlfriend and I just returned from a Madrid weekend. This is “Coming Home”. Hope you’ll enjoy.

Coming home

Who dares know what home is nor means?
When not venturing further than a can of beans
Travel can feed the mind as well as the palate
But also open eyes on the good in your plate

All the little things we disregard everyday
These we start missing when we go away
A sky as flabbergasting as flamingo wings
Cannot make you forget how Westminster sings

Walks by the beach, sand white as a cloud
Thinking of home and all its loud crowd
We are what we eat, we are who we meet
Galvanising all from head to my feet

It is nice for sure, travelling to the beat
Seeing that museum, tasting different meat
But eventually when all is said and done
I always return there no matter how long gone

Regardless of when no matter where
Everywhere I go this place waits there
Where I drop a little more than my backpack
Where I’m always happy to be welcomed back

People and things, all those left behind
And yet somehow never out of my mind
Once homebound all I wanted was leave
Yet the return ticket always in my sleeve

Glasgow, Gothenburg, Paris, Aruba
Flying here, taking a train to là-bas
Fourteen months up for work in Scotland
Finally returning to this found homeland

You may find funny I wrote in such shapes
Which I believe we used since we were apes
Oh beautiful London, how much I missed you
Finally, on this day, I am coming home to you

Cover photo credit: Myself @ Adolfo Suàrez Madrid-Barajas Airport

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