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SQL Views, where the nagger went: a poem by me

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Before we start

Hey everyone and welcome to the 50th post of this blog. It has been a couple months since I published something. There has been literally tens of drafts about different topics which I didn’t deem worthy of being number 50. Originally I excluded it being a poem until I had that rush of inspiration in Paris tube heading back to my parents after a day out. While listening to music I thought about what bothered me the most this year. It started as a post but ended up a poem written from my phone. A poem about an inappropriate use of SQL views I noticed not so long ago. Despite the essence being drawn from real events there is some dramatization. Why? I hear you think. Well because a poem’s gotta poem at some point. Hope you enjoy.

SQL views the poem: Where the nagger went

Have you seen where the nagger went?
Nobody knows, did he go Clark Kent?
Last I heard SQL views made him vent
Did they make him run further than Brent?

What in them had him ghost in such a way?
For answers, data migration was the pathway
One brought in views, they came to play
None thought then they were to stay

Despite questions raised they sneaked in
This was how was forged the original sin
A transition system all made of soft tin
Bound with a strong and stable one, closest kin

This unnatural union sealed with a mark
Holding weaker than a stamp, even dark
The nagger foresaw this, horrid and stark
From this marriage there was no coming back

Not a movie, not another Jason Halloween
One definitely prefers this would have been
But the horror could no more be unseen
Yet from that point my brain was very keen

Fast-forward when the prophecy realises
And ugly bugs crawl from these broken ties
The cost too high to bear for our eyes
No come back indeed, shout to the skies

Have you seen? Now the nagger’s gone
No return, you’ll miss his warning tone
No one left to hear, an empty Iron throne
When settled all that’s left is dust and bone.


Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed it, I keep my blog posted poems right here. Also don’t get too drunk on the 31st, you’d like to wake up another day for one of these posts wouldn’t you?

Venise sunset by Jean-Dominique Nguele for this SQL views post
Credits: Jean-Dominique Nguele, yep I can take a pic with my phone too

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