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Avoid App Store rejection when submitting 3rd party based app

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A couple of days ago I submitted my first personal app to the Apple App Store. I know it can be surprising considering the few years I spent doing iOS development professionally. You may know this but I was more into Windows phone from its inception until Microsoft decided to murder it a few months ago. As a result, I fully switched to Apple, from the phone to the watch to the mac. Still kept my Windows laptop though.

Back to today’s topic, App Store rejection. I built some app to keep track of my crypto spendings. After a couple weekends working on it, I decided to publish it and see how people react to it. Unfortunately, the reviewers rejected the app because I did not provide a demo account for it.

Giving my personal account with my money in it was out of the question. Creating a new test account on Coinbase requires real data, identity and phone verification. By the way, I actually tried that and got locked out of my account just after using my phone to verify the test account. Do not try this at home! Not only it sucks, but it also turns out to be against their terms of use. If someone from Coinbase reads this, please do not delete my account I deleted the test one already.

After some back-and-forth trying to explain the situation and linking in Coinbase’s terms of use they eventually suggested that I send them a video. Yes, a video showing how to use the app. I instantly grabbed my phone and recorded a quick video showing my screen login in using Coinbase OAuth2 login. Since I had Face ID enabled, I did not have to enter my password so it was safe. The following day, they reviewed it again and approved it. You can download CoinzProfit now to have a look if you want to. Also if you do not use Coinbase but another exchange you can like/follow the Facebook page to have updates on the next exchanges I will integrate to it.

CoinzProfit App Store
Click that link and get that app!

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