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No more, Bugs Funny, no more

Posted in Poetry time: Bursts of poems

Have I ever told you about that annoying Bugs Funny?
Bothered me day and night from his irritating company.
And another day and another night, yet again another one,
Thinking I had nothing better to do, no joy, no life, no plan.

Sneaking in my code when I was all chill and compiling,
His exception traces eyeing at me seem almost smiling.
Even mocking, it doesn’t matter how hard I have studied,
As for next few days he will torture, get my brain crippled.

Burned in its light, blind to its weak spot, feeling hopeless,
I keep browsing StackOverflow with Redbull and stress.
It aches in every bone, my date nights and parties gone,
Bugs look at me, trick me, slap me. Show me mercy? None.

Really unfair you know, not one bug should have all that power,
Emprison, break my mind, haunt from the kitchen to the shower.
Drinking my misery when suddenly I remember, flabbergasted,
I inadvertently turned a comparison to an assignation, damned!

Run my program again as I get closer and closer to the rise of dawn,
I finally got rid of Bugs Funny, indeed now he’s dead and gone.
When I squashed it I wondered why I was so numb, so dumb,
More than ever I was so close to cry, beg, call for my mum.

Rest my head now I will, not ever rest on my success I shall,
Because his brothers are lurking in the shadows, right behind the wall.
Waiting for my vigilance to fall, letting room for them to spawn,
My testing shall betray them and help eradicating them in a yawn.

I will be the watcher on that wall, protector of my software,
None shall corrupt it with uncovered logic, noobs beware!
It will not be easy but a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do,
I shall head to the bar for a few drinks without any further ado.

I got pretty inspired as I wrote two of these over 24 hours between Monday and Tuesday where the first one was a month ago. Thanks for reading again, if you missed the last one you can also have a look there. I see that “Poetry time!” is quite popular on here so I’ll definitely write more tech-ish poems in the future. Thanks again for reading guys!

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