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Monster release, you’re welcome – Poetry time

Posted in Poetry time: Bursts of poems

I like to write poems sometimes, even though I didn’t in ages. Also, I think I never posted any here. I hope you enjoy it,  please note that any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Once upon a time a project manager
Decided to venture in a zone of danger
Little did he know was going to trigger a monster
Due to choices that none should ever foster
Because planning is not his comfort zone
He had to come to deal with me like Al’ Capone

So that I deploy things with care for the ram,
And have them all set and done before 12 am
So there I went after eating some sweet and sour
With no idea on how the hell I’ll save the hour
Simply diving in the project “à la bite et au couteau
Hoping we were careful with our tests and big O.

Let DJ Khaled provide beats for my theme music
Keyboard clacking, things working, it’s almost magic
Configuring this, merging that, surprise, here’s Murphy
Go away, I don’t have time for such a lack of empathy
Sneaky issues jumping in like the body snatchers
I had to unleash a monster so that I can bury those naggers
But you bastard insist on providing me company
Of rage, the monstrous herald you made me, oh irony
Behold people! For that the animal I have become
Will send you straight to the skirts of your mom
Then you will get confused and wonder “what have I done?”
Too late, the end is near, for now my lock is gone.

Murphy tried to reign like the Lord of Castamere.
But now the rains weep on his walls, and not a soul to hear.
It did take quite long to dispose of that rude enemy
Still I wiped out issues and bugs at once with a fierce envy
Oh manager, you didn’t have to summon that vanguard
Hear me out, planning ahead cannot be this hard
So that next time we can work with quiet and ease
And not wreak havoc next time there is a release
Hope you will survive that monster’s next rampage
When looking for heroes again we open the cage
Let God preserves us or its return shall be gruesome
But now I locked it back, sit down, you’re welcome

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