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Changes, changes everywhere

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Long time, no post. Over the past month or so, there has been quite a few changes and a lot of events. So many things that I did not even get the time to get on a computer during my free time wether it was for a League of Legends game or to work on a personal project. I have been quite busy and there was a few reasons behind that.

The main one is that I decided a few weeks ago to leave Lodgeo to take on a new challenge that would be more fitting to my progression as an engineer. I had that need to make a big change as I was feeling like I was on the verge of becoming stale as an engineer, going to the gym, reading more and more about the latest technologies, mind training, meditation and so on. I even went to the color run whereas the last time I did a run back in middle school it was quite bad, now I did better so it’s ok. Even though I could feel the positive effects on me I felt like something was missing.

This weighted quite a lot when a few days after a discussion with my boss about the future projects our company has for the future seeing them not being fit for my progression, I decided to leave my job and handed my notice a couple of weeks later. Some might say it’s a stupid or arrogant move to leave without having found another position first. They may be right. Others told me it was quite bold.

It could be seen as a rather impulsive move when it was actually decision that slowly built up over the months and I did not realise until a few days before I sent that letter. Big changes are coming for me as I am also considering to move in with my girlfriend within the next months. Some might say that only time will tell if I was right in my choice, my opinion is that I am right and I will not look back, only up since this is the only way to progress.

Sometimes even if it looks foolish you need grab that parachute and jump off that comfy plane you are in so you can live some exciting adventures, my job search provided me with so many exciting possibilities, both humanly and professionally. As the Bronze LoL player I am, I can say: “Worth”.

Jean-Dominique Nguele and friends
After the Colour run, Team Giashgoldtit’

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