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CTRLio : Tech around me premiere

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Hi all,

It’s been a while I did not post here and I was pretty busy at Lodgeo to bring you a major update that will come within the next weeks, but today is not about my company but about something new I want to try. I’m creating this “Tech around me” category as there is a lot of tech oriented activities and startup around me that are not necessarily in the spotlight yet so I decided I would do sometimes a post about things that I saw and tested near to me.

This post is about CTRLio, a webapp that enables you to get the lowest rates on the market for your phone contract based on your current consumption. You can either use their interface to sign in your mobile provider account and get your actual consumption or you can enter estimations so their tool gets you the plan that fits you the best.

The user experience is straightforward you instantly know where to click and within a few seconds you get to know a cheaper plan. Another interesting feature is that you can also get reminders for when your plan will expire so you can fully enjoy this experience. You can find out more on their website: .ctrlio1


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